Recept voor een gember salade dressing van de Amerikaanse keten Benihana: "As far as salad dressings go, this is one of the most requested, and tasty. At the Benihana chain of hibachi grill restaurants, you are served a side salad before your meal that is doused with this tangy, slightly sweet, fresh ginger dressing. This Top Secret Recipes version of that dressing is a real cinch to make, once you've got the ingredients. Just dump everything into a blender, whiz it, and you're set. Although this recipe is inspired by the many variations of the clone recipe that are floating around (and that I have received by e-mail), you should know that this is an original never-before-published creation that comes closer to the original product than any other version I have seen. See what you think."

Saus gerecht uit Japan


  • 1 fijngesneden medium ui
  • 1/8 l. arachide olie
  • 0,8 dl rijst azijn
  • 2 el water
  • 2 el geraspte gember
  • 2 el fijngesneden selderij-stengels
  • 2 el ketchup
  • 4 tl soyasaus (kikkoman)
  • 2 tl citroensap
  • 1/2 tl knoflook
  • 1/2 tl zout
  • 1/4 tl zwarte peper


Doe alle ingredienten in een keukenmachine tot alles mooi fijn is gehak en goed gemixt. Serveer gekoelt.

Recept 24 keer bezocht en 2 keer doorgestuurd, toegevoegd op door .


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